Synthetic Hair Falls

The falls featured in this section of the site are each made up of lots of individual hand made extensions.They are not of the one length weft variety.They are created this way to add layers and styling into each fall so whether your wearing them big and backcombed or sleek and subtle they will hang in a style and not appear flat and lifeless.By using this method different colours can be blended together to create eyecatching effects.They all can be ordered as single or double set of falls in two lengths,waist and bust.The fuller sets are best suited to medium to a thick head of hair.If you have finer hair you are better suited to a single fall or a double set that is bust length.A single fall is not just half the amount of hair you would get in a double set.I use more hair to bulk it up so it end so it will not end up looking straggly.They are made on durable elastic ties and are supplied with application and care instructions.They are not suited to short hair.