Double Ended Custom Dreads

At Hair From Hell we pride ourselves on the diversity of dreads that we can create from natural one tones to vibrant rainbows. We can make up whatever you request usually within 2 weeks of placing an order. Unique custom pieces are offered that can be used to add interest to a plain set of dreads or combined with other styles to create a look as diverse as your imagination. Any length can be made up in both single or double ended dreads.

 Email us at with any advice you may need, prices quotes and orders.

Individual Synthetic Dread Prices

Two Tone Twist Dread Prices

Above Shoulder£1.90Above Shoulder£2.40


Double Ended Braid In Dread Sets

Braid in dread sets are available in all the colours in the shade charts. They are double ended dreads, steamed, with heat sealed ends for braiding in your hair or use to create your own custom falls. Plain colours, twists, two tones and transition dreads are all available. We can braid them into your hair for you too.

These dreads are re-usable when you take them out with a re-steam service offered to neaten them up before re-application. Please e-mail any custom orders you may have to, and we can supply as many or as little of the dreads that you need.Below are some examples of colours, styles and lengths available though we can make up virtually anything you require.

All of the lovely Hair From Hell clients featured in the pictures above wear braid in dread sets generally comprising of 60 double ended dreads. If the clients natural hair is thicker or finer texture than normal the quantity with vary accordingly and the hair is never overloaded so that it becomes uncomfortable or causes breakage.

These are a fantastic way of getting dreads without having them permanently put into your natural hair and of course the colours give more vibrant results than could ever be achieved with a hair colour! A row of wrapped, single ended dreads are applied around the front hair line for neatness.