Hair Extensions

If you would rather wear something a little more permanent than falls here are details of some of the hair extension services we offer. Providing your hair's of reasonable condition and thickness there is no limit of what can be achieved both colour and stylewise.

A new client will always need to book up for a free consultation prior to their appointment and a deposit wil be required. Confirmation of prices will be given at the consultation as prices given here are only a rough guide and will vary according to the hair thickness and length of extensions.


Synthetic Extensions


Synthetic Hair Extensions are not only a fast way to achieve long hair but can also be used to add colour and volume. They introduce colours into your hair without having to dye it. The vivid shades are great within black hair and give a brightness that would be hard to get using normal hairdyes.

We use Prostyles hair extension fibre as it looks really natural and is of the highest quality.Prices are approximately £160-£180 per full head,£80-£110 half head, full head highlights £50.

These type of extensions are good for a client who requires both natural and avant garde looking styles. Their texture and range of colours makes them ideal for big, bold hair!


Balmain Human Hair Extensions.


The Balmain human hair extension system uses the finest quality hair that is coloured using enzymes,not bleach,so it remains in optimum condition.They come pre-coloured in 4 different textures or can be dyed to match the clients own hair exactly.It can be applied by two different methods.

Individual Bonds

Small Keratin heat sealed bonds hold the extensions into the hair. The bonds are comfortable to wear and unnoticeable but will secure the extension firmly in place. After 3 months these can be removed by us and re-bonded in again. They are therefore guaranteed for 6 months when using the Balmain aftercare products on them. They can only be re-applied once due to natural hair shed of the extensions. These can be used to add length,colour and volume.

Prices are approx £400-£600 per full head.

These type of extensions are for a client who requires a very natural look to their extensions.

Double Hair

This is a weft type system of human hair that is held in place by individual bonds sandwiched in between the layers of the weft. Each piece is equivalent to 20 single extensions. They come pre-dyed or can be coloured if the exact shade is not available.They can be used for colour and volume singularly or placed throughout the head to lengthen. They are idealy suited to a client who wants to lengthen their hair whilst still retaining a natural look.

These extensions are really versatile as they can be bonded or clipped in to the hair on a temporary basis.They are great for someone who is unsure about having extensions for the first time as they can be clipped in initially and then bonded once a client becomes more used to them.

It is recommended Double hair repositioned every 6-8 weeks but the weft is re-usable time and time again.

Prices are approx £350-£500 per full head.


BeckyDreads (1).jpg

Synthetic Dreadlocks can be made by two different methods.

Wrapped Dreadlock

Synthetic hair is added to the real hair,backcombed and wrapped. A braid that hold the synthetic hair in place is enclosed in the backcombed wrap. The length of the dread is steamed to secure it.

These type of dreads are recommended for clients with finer hair. They give less volume than double  ended dreads and are ideal for use around the hairline or when total coverage of the real hair is required. You can undergo a complete colour change  without having to dye your own hair using this method.

Prices run at approx £180-£200 per full head.

Double Ended Dreads

These dreadlocks are created prior to the customers appointment by.steaming and heat sealing synthetic hair. They are then braided in and secured in place by tiny, transparent elastic bands. Even on longer hair the method we use to braid them in ensures the real hair will not be noticeable.They last around 12 weeks then can be easily removed and re-applied. A re-steam treatment is avaliable if necessary after removal and prior to application.

This method is great for creating volume as two dreads hang per one section of real hair.Wrapped dreads can be used around the hairline for neatness. A lot of clients prefer to wear their hair natural in the summer so double ended dreads are a good seasonal option as they can be taken out when it's hot and re-applied later in the cooler months. If you would prefer to have some dreads made up to braid in yourself please e-mail me as I make up custom dread kits to order.

Prices are approx £130-£150 per full head.

Dread kit of 60 pieces £90-£130 depending on length.

Wool Dreads

Wool that has been spun to form a dreadlock is applied to the real hair using a wrapping method. Extra pieces can be added down the length of the wrap to create more volume. Because wool is so light, big fluffy dreads can be made that weigh far less than synthetic hair. The warm nature of wool however makes them unsuitable for the summer.

Prices are approx £160-£190 per full head.


Braids, Plastics and other materials.


Providing your hair is of reasonable length and condition we can braid a number of materials into the hair. Synthetic hair can be braided in natural or vivid colours,to lengthen or just enhance. They are a great choice if you are off to a festival or want a really low maintanance style for a holiday. They are also good if you want to give your own hair a break from blow drying, straightening and styling. Previous customers have said their hair felt great after having it in braids for a while.

Plastics, wools and other materials such as crin can be braided into the hair.

Prices are approx £130-£180 per full head.